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Astrology Healing Arts:

Medical Astrology for the 21st Century

Astrology Healing Arts combines various modalities to attain a greater understanding

of oneself on all levels, using astrology as a guide.


Medical Astrology was used by the ancients as a regular aspect of health care. The AHA synthesis of astrology, herbology, nutrition, and vibrational healing form a unique method

of Medical Astrology designed to assist in achieving overall wellness in body, mind and spirit.


Disclaimer: This page does not constitute Medical Advice, nor does it contain claims to cure any illness.

It is meant to provide information related to health and medicine.

Common Health Issues of the 21st Century, Astrological Correspondences and Remedies:

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Holistic Horoscopes 2021


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The general astrology forecast for 2021

Numerology for 2021

Mercury Retrogrades for the signs

New Moons and Full Moons for the signs

Horoscopes for the signs in 2021

Medical Astrology based insights

Tips using natural remedies such as herbs, crystals, 

flower essences... and more