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Healing with Music, Color and Astrology

Ideas and inspirations involving music and color in relation to astrology.

This E-book includes references to different forms of sound healing.

PDF, 23 pages


Endocrine Illness Illuminated - A Study of Chakras, Astrology and Holistic Healing

This is an e-book about the seven chakra system, astrology and energy medicine in relation to endocrine imbalances, including mental illnesses. Suggestions are offered for coping with challenges, restoring optimal health and boosting overall immunity. 

PDF, 37 pages


Moon Signs & Family Dynamics

This book is about the astrology and psychology of family relationships, particularly in relation to the Moon sign. It includes descriptions of the Moon through the Houses and the Moon's aspects to planets, lunar nodes, asteroids, the comet Chiron and the Black Moon Lilith. It offers a unique perspective on common problems that people experience with the people who are closest to them, as well as ideas for how to break negative patterns involving them.

It is a gentle guide through what may be considered deeply emotional terrain.

Kindle version, 80 pages


Flower Spirit Medicine - A Guidebook to Flower Essence Production and Usage

Flower essences are used for a wide variety of healing purposes and to enhance overall wellbeing. They are a unique form of vibrational medicine in that they are completely harmless and do not force change but rather inspire changes within consciousness.


This book contains a brief history about flower essences, creative suggestions for their usage, instructions on how to prepare an essence, references and an extensive list for common issues and the essences to address them.

Paperback version, 152 pages


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