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Zodiac and Planetary Correspondences in Medical Astrology


Below are a few loose correspondences but there are many more precise areas of influence that come into focus using astrology.

In general, the signs of the zodiac rule the following body parts:

Aries: the head

Taurus: the throat

Gemini: the upper extremities

Cancer: the breast

Leo: the heart 

Virgo: the intestines

Libra: the lower back

Scorpio: the genitals

Sagittarius: the thighs

Capricorn: the knees

Aquarius: the ankles

Pisces: the feet

In general, the planets influence the following physical conditions:

Sun: lifeforce energy

Moon: psychosomatic patterns

Mercury: mental states 

Venus: female issues

Mars: male issues

Jupiter: overgrowth

Saturn: chronic ailments

Uranus: spasmic conditions

Neptune: difficult to diagnose

Pluto: infectious diseases

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