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An Astrological Exploration of the Life of Dr. Royal Rife


Dr. Raymond Rife was one of the greatest, and most controversial pioneers in the field of medicine in the 20th century, and one of those unsung heroes whose memory and incredible legacy got scrubbed from history books. Born on May 16, 1888 in Elkhorn, Nebraska he was an American scientist, inventor, and bacteriologist who created the first microscope that was capable of looking into cells. This was believed to make possible the study of disease causing microorganisms. He also developed a technology that he called a Beam Ray machine, reported to kill pathogens including molds, viruses and parasites through specific frequencies.


Rife said that different frequencies could kill different kinds of bacteria, and found that by ridding the body of toxic overload equilibrium was often restored. He contributed a great deal to medical research, having discovered what seemed to be a cure for cancer in 1934. He used his resonance machine on cancer patients for many years. Eventually he ran into some difficulties with a man named Morris Fishbein, who was head of American Medical Association. Fishbein, being a con artist, wanted to make a deal that Rife knew better than to agree to. Because of being rejected and other reasons, Fishbein brought a lawsuit against Rife. Although Rife won, it took all his energy and his best efforts were devastated afterward. He is said to have died a lonely and miserable death, abandoning his work and turning to alcohol. Others say he was killed. To this day, Rife's story serves as a wrenching example of being victimized by the corrupt pharmaceutical industry, which has and always had far too much to lose by allowing someone who is offering any genuine cures to succeed.


Dr. Rife received 14 major medals by U.S. and foreign governments and in 1936, an honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Southern California. Rife's inventions took place during an era of tremendous conflicts, as he lived through two major World Wars and witnessed the widespread rise of cancer. These years also curiously coincided with a widspread increase of EMF wave exposure, which only many decades later have became linked with lowered immunity and increased cases of cancer. In 1918, before Rife's major discoveries, telecommunications radio waves were deployed. The so-called Spanish Flu was soon to follow.. In the 1940s, radar technology was deployed and shortly after, an epidemic of influenza followed. By this time, much of Rife's work was becoming suppressed, as in 1939 many of the papers in his San Diego laboratory mysteriously had vanished, along with his finest microscopes. Who knows what kinds of technology Rife had discovered or may have discovered down the line that would be able to counteract the negative effects of radiation, which today has become a worldwide health threat.


Royal Rife's Planetary Alignments


The birth time of Rife is unknown, but there is still much insight to be gained by the position of the planets on the date of his birth. His Sun in Taurus was in a close conjunction with the planet Neptune, which astrologically has rulership over viruses and pathogens, addictions, and the spiritual plane of existence. Mercury was in a conjunction to Pluto in the sign of Gemini, highlighting profound gifts in research and development, as well as the ability to see deep beyond the surface of things (the invention of the world's first telescope used for viewing microorganisms). The Plutonic energy in his chart helps to explain why he and his work became topics of so much debate within the scientific and medical communities. His Mars formed a conjunction to Uranus in the air sign of Libra, which was both an indication of his mental acuity and the legal difficulties that he experienced which led to sudden, terrible loss. Saturn in Leo formed a conjunction to the North Node in Rife's chart, which seemed to be both a blessing and a curse when it came to the results of his creative genius. With his South Node in Aquarius, technology came naturally to him. Rife's Jupiter was in Sagittarius, increasing his holistic outlook and search for solutions to the myriad problems that plagued humankind. It was Retrograde in opposition to his Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Pluto, showing his immense dedication to uncovering that which was hidden. Such a tense alignment of planets also revealed his tendency to stretch beyond his means in some situations, which may have eventually led to his own demise.

As a Taurus native, Rife's demeanor was both gentle and strong, practical and tenacious. The closeness of Neptune to his Sun speaks volumes of his contributions to medicine and the manner in which his life came to an end. Today, Rife resonance machines are still used by many alternative health care practitioners, and many bring life-changing results. Some doctors have tried to debunk these devices, but they continue to enhance people's lives, albeit in an “underground” sort of way.


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