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AHA Classes and Courses

Recorded LIVE - October 4th, 2022 with expert aromatherapist Virginia Joy, of Stillpoint Aromatics. Learn all about the magic of essential oils, the planets and how they synergistically work and empower each other.

In this 2 hour Spotlight class we explore:

  • Exactly what Medical Astrology is

  • Essential oils that correspond to the Zodiac Signs

  • Essential oils and Plants  for your Elemental Type and Elemental Ailments

  • Essential Oils and Herbal Healing by the Moon

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Schedule at Skyrock Hotel, Sedona

11/14/22: Generate Prosperity Using Astrology

11/22/22: Moon Signs & Family Dynamics

12/07/22: Highlights & Transits of 2023

01/11/23: Management of Affairs with Mercury Retrograde 

01/25/23: Aquarian Themes in the Chart

02/01/23: The Astrology of Relationships

02/07/23: Reviewing Saturn's Lessons through Aquarius (2020-2023)

02/20/23: New Moon in Pisces

02/27/23: Elements and Modes in Astrology

03/03/23: Understand Your Chart (free chart readings!)

03/08/23: Moon Phases and Influences

03/20/23: The Wheel of the Year

03/29/23: History of Astrology

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