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A s t r o l o g y   H e a l i n g   A r t s 

About Astrology Healing Arts

Astrology Healing Arts, LLC (AHA) combines an eclectic variety of modalities that offer support in many areas.


There are astrological influences that can affect the masses and those that are personal. The birth chart reveals the not only areas of greatest challenge but an individual's formula for wellbeing and success.

Disclaimer: None of the services listed on this website constitute medical advice or medical practice.

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About Yerevan


Yerevan is a professional astrologer,

psychic reader and healing arts practitioner

with over 20 years of combined experience.

She has an extensive background

in flower essences, herbology, aromatherapy,

and various forms of vibrational medicine.

Her articles have been published

in magazines, and she is the author of

"Flower Spirit Medicine" and

"Moon Signs and Family Dynamics". 


"Yerevan is always accurate, insightful and inspiring. Her deep knowledge of Astrology and Tarot, as well as her psychic gifts are truly high level. She has given me specific time-frames when I could expect major changes based on my natal chart and by using her intuition, her predictions came true; time and time again. Yerevan is the real deal; professional, empathic and a true expert in multiple modalities." 

          - Joseph W. ~ Entrepreneur and Business Coach

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