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"Yerevan is always accurate, insightful and inspiring. Her deep knowledge of Astrology and Tarot, as well as her psychic gifts are truly high level. She has given me specific time-frames when I could expect major changes based on my natal chart and by using her intuition, her predictions came true; time and time again. Yerevan is the real deal; professional, empathic and a true expert in multiple modalities." 

          - Joseph W. ~ Entrepreneur and Business Coach


Astrology Healing Arts, LLC (AHA) combines a variety of modalities that offer support in many areas, through the foundation of Western astrology. My mission is to provide personalized and insightful astrology readings, astro-related products, and services that inspire self-discovery, healing and spiritual growth. Through my knowledge and experience, I aim to guide individuals in overcoming their greatest challenges and in cultivating inner peace. I am committed to creating a safe and nurturing space where it becomes easy to access one's own higher wisdom, embrace their unique gifts and open themselves to a magical life that is filled with beauty and purpose.

To me, astrology is not just an interest or career, but a way of life. It called to me, rather than me seeking it out first. The influence of astrology runs deep in my veins, from great-grandmothers on both sides of my family tree. One was said to do her gardening by the Moon, and another was said to be able to accurately guess a stranger's zodiac sign within minutes of meeting them. By candlelight and burning incense, she often viewed the night sky through a telescope. 

My astrology style is eclectic, unorthodox,

and Plutonian, delving into the darkest

caverns of the psyche where some of the richest

treasures are found. I am autodidactic and

extremely passionate about my work. 



Self-published books:

Flower Spirit Medicine and

"Moon Signs and Family Dynamics". 

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