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Chiron Cycles: The Wounded Healer through the Signs

An Introduction to Chiron in Astrology, its signs and Zodiac Placements.

Included in this audio:

  •  an intro to the symbolism and influence of Chiron in astrology

  •  the significance of Chiron's transit through Aries in 2021

  •  an unscripted, free-flowing description of Chiron through each of the signs. Yerevan links Chiron's placements with health and the chakras.

This talk is aimed at Beginners and Intermediate Level Astrologers, but certain parts may also be of interest to Advanced Practitioners. 

Run time - 1 hour and 22 minutes. MP3 and 1 PDF Document will be emailed shortly after purchase. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.

Cost: $7,50

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