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Excerpts from Holistic Horoscopes 2021.

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Your January begins with a bang and brings unexpected blessings through friends and allies. There's a grand trine between a Leo Moon, Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in your sign. There are many communications and big opportunities coming your way that could enhance your career or overall success in some way if you are in a position to take immediate action. Your energy seems supported overall throughout the month and may effectively be directed toward several things that you would like to accomplish throughout the year.


Health Highlights: In 2021 you may wish to pay closer attention to your nervous system, neck and spine. You may be more sensitive and easily stressed than usual.



As one of the four fixed signs you will likely feel called toward making some significant changes and upgrades in your daily routines, relationships, and overall life path. Saturn's square to Uranus in your sign is breaking loose the stuck energy from the past and at this point you are ready to try something you've never done before, by taking a risk. In short, you're turning a new leaf. This likely relates to something of an artistic nature but it could also very well be business related, or both. Business partnership with a significant other could also be successful this year.


Health Highlights: Take extra care of joints and connective tissues, avoid a sedentary lifestyle and stay strong. Also make sure to adequately rejuvenate through sleep.



Writing, journaling and speaking your thoughts in a freestyle manner are all favored, as long as these are done in a sacred or protected space. Some of you will become or continue to be teachers and more of you will prepare to step into more of a dynamic leadership role of some kind. For those of you with a quieter or less authoritative lifestyle that intellectual energy will be aimed at organizing many different parts of your life that have felt scattered for awhile.


Health Highlights: Health is good overall, but there may be more anxiety or depression than usual. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Instead employ relaxation techniques.



Cancer, your main focus in 2021 is likely to revolve around an increase of financial responsibilities that have fallen into your hands. This could be your year for receiving prosperity and enjoyment from life. Saturn and Jupiter in your 8th house both highlight the themes revolving around giving, spending, borrowing, lending or even acceptance of money. Something in the way of your financial situation begs for an adjustment this year and it will become more obvious what that is by the middle of the year.


Health Highlights: Primarily psychosomatic, mental and emotional. Improving your outlook. Emotional equilibrium.



This is going to be an important and memorable year for you. Areas where you can expect some positive changes throughout 2021 include your intimate relationships, your public persona and your self-awareness/personal growth. Finally you may receive the recognition you deserve. You may find inspiration to reach for yet higher attainments than before, whether they be material or spiritual in nature. You're stretching your concept of what is possible to achieve in life.


Health Highlights: Overall energy and recovery from stress, adapting to change



During 2021, although you have a large task ahead of you, you're more than just motivated to tackle it. You're so close to the attainment of a long-held wish or goal and you will probably feel compelled to direct much of your energy toward that throughout the year. An existing business or career goes smoothly in most ways, and your main concerns are around making improvements, bringing about greater efficacy in all major areas.You may connect with a new spiritual teacher, a friend or romantic partner mid-year.


Health Highlights: General mood, nurturing yourself more



Finally, after what seems like several years in a row of sobering experiences, there is some great news for those of your sun sign. Many of your previous applications combined with your current abilities have earned you a new string of what seems like luck. You are entering into a major manifestation mode, where many of your long-held dreams and wishes are beginning to come true. You could do or create something in your life this year that really stands out for years to come.


Health Highlights: Maintaining a certain level of strength, immunity and focus



There is much change being brought into your life through close relationships and family members. It is likely that some of this change is pleasant and some of it disruptive or annoying. Relocation is also possible.Positively you may grow in your psychic, artistic or healing abilities. You have more tools at your disposal than before that you can use in a variety of new and exciting ways. Work from home is especially lucrative for those of your sign in 2021. You can choose to take advantage of this opportunity to form your own schedule.


Health Highlights: Digestion, sleep and overall mood, a nurturing environment helps



If you felt stuck or limited in 2020, you will have a lot more freedom to move about soon. You're gaining new insights on an old problem. Relationships with family can be a roller coaster for some of you, so try to avoid unleashing your rage if you become agitated by one or more of your blood relatives or in-laws. Overall, you're beginning to gain a sort of momentum that enables you to pursue goals with great energy and confidence.. Finances are on the upswing but it's still a good idea to remain frugal until you're sure you can make larger investments.

Health Highlights: Increased energy and momentum in daily activities, circulation



A tremendous pressure is beginning to lift from your sign in 2021...can you feel this yet? The year begins with Venus entering your sign on January 8th which brings positive energy into your love life. Jupiter has recently entered your second house, and is about to increase your financial flow if it hasn't already. By the middle of the year you will also begin to receive the blessings of Jupiter in your interactions with others. You're able to connect more easily in the ways that you desire. This occurs more so close to your birthday.


Health Highlights: Moderation and balance, eating healthy, taking better care of yourself



This is your year to shine! Something highly life-changing is on its way and the best way for you to prepare for that is to be the best version of yourself this year that you can possibly be. Meditate or exercise to tone your body. Don't leave anything in your personal affairs hanging that could haunt you later on. Speak from your heart, live your truth, and actualize your greatness. Do that special thing you've been meaning to do for so long but didn't have the energy or enough support to pull off. Go for it, you can do it now!


Health Highlights: Health is good but be careful to maintain the flow of energy, minerals, nutrients and sleep. Avoid over-exertion.



2021 is a relatively positive and peaceful year for you. You're assimilating some large-scale changes that have taken place in your life recently and will be able to process things more easily now, without so much background noise. Some of you have been struggling with a feeling of loneliness or dark feelings that have caused you to do some inner searching. Some of you will choose to develop your spiritual life, psychic abilities, or creative talents, because you are better able to focus than before.


Health Highlights: Balance circadian rhythms with adequate rest and exercise

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