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Impaired Immunity

Immunity is the hot topic of this new decade (since 2020), but there are so many underlying causes of impaired immunity that don't get discussed, and that certainly aren't covered by the mainstream media.

One of the top causes of lowered immunity is the onslaught of increased radiation, chemicals and toxins that many of us are subjected to through cell towers, preserved food and extremely urban environments. When left up to its own devices the human body is a miraculous thing, capable of healing itself of many types of wounds and diseases. However, the body's natural processes just like the process of animals in the wild is being

interfered with in multiple ways.

Planets that specifically relate to immunity but in very different ways include the Moon, Mars, Neptune and Pluto. It is possible to tune in to these different planets in ways that help to boost immunity instead of wear it down. This does require some knowledge of how the planets work and what they symbolize.

Whether lowered immunity is an existing issue or a growing concern

due to the environment, there are steps that may be taken to increase

overall performance in body, mind and spirit. These steps include examination

of habits and other health factors, a broad spectrum process of elimination

and the addition of new practices to nurture and empower oneself to the core.

Astrology is an effective tool to navigate every step of the way.

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